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Chikih Chikih1, Aria Kekalih2, Jull Kurniarobbi2,3, Dhanasari Vidiawati2, Adhityawarman Menaldi4, Junaidi Junaidi5, Bayu Rahadian6

1University of Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine, Sports Medicine Residency Training Program, Jakarta, Indonesia
2University of Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Community Medicine, Jakarta, Indonesia
3University of Indonesia, Center for Sports and Exercise Studies Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia
4University of Indonesia, Faculty of Psychology, Depok, Indonesia
5Jakarta State University, Post Graduate Program, Jakarta, Indonesia
6Cibubur Youth Athlete Sports Center, Cibubur, Indonesia

Adaptation of the Oslo Sports Injury and Health Problems Questionnaire to the Bahasa Version and Its Application for Athletes Surveillance

Sport Mont 2024, 22(2), 109-115 | DOI: 10.26773/smj.240715


The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center (OSTRC) questionnaire on injuries and health problems is one of the recommended methods for monitoring athletes’ health problems, but until now it has not been available and validated in a Bahasa version. This study aims to develop the OSTRC Questionnaire into Bahasa and assess its application in adolescent athlete surveillance. The research process is divided into two stages; The adaptation and validity assessment according to ISPOR rules involving 42 adolescent athletes for 2 weeks and the second stage is 8 weeks of surveillance involving 46 adolescent athletes. Results of the analysis found that the Bahasa version of the OSLO Questionnaire for shoulder, knee, ankle, and health problems has good validity and reliability with Cronbach-α 0.905, 0.940, 0.933, and 0.840 respectively. The intraclass correlation coefficient for health problems was 0.905, the shoulder region was 0.94, the knee region was 0.933 and the ankle region was 0.840, with all p-values <0.001. The sensitivity of the health problems questionnaire reached 97.6% and specificity 99.4%, while the sensitivity of the injury questionnaire reached 100% and specificity reached 99.4%. The Bahasa version of OSLO Sports Trauma Research Center Injury and Health Problems is valid and reliable and shows high sensitivity and specificity to detect and separate athletes with injuries or health problems.


injury surveillance, health surveillance, injury, OSTRC Bahasa Version, adolescent athlete

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