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Ivan Vasiljevic1, Dusko Bjelica1, Miroslav Kezunovic1, Jovan Gardasevic1

1University of Montenegro, Faculty for Sports and Physical Education, Niksic, Montenegro

Knowledge of Physicial Education Students on Sports Nutrition

Sport Mont 2016, 14(1), 17-19


Sports nutrition has a direct impact on the present physical condition of the body or the physical preparation of the athletes depends on the nutritional status of athletes engaged. The sample was composed of 18 students of specialized postgraduate studies of Physical Culture Faculty of Sports and Physical Education from Niksic. When we consider the results as a whole, it can be concluded that the students' knowledge of sports nutrition at a very satisfactory level, especially when comparing results with previous research knowledge athletes and coaches on sports nutrition. From a total of 360 responses was achieved 310 correct answers, or 86.1%. No matter how talented athletes in the sport they practice or train, motivated and well trained, the line between defeat and victory is usually very thin, and as the most important link imposes a sports nutrition. Results of an athlete and that you can depend on quality, quantity and time entries diet.


students, sports nutrition, and health status

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